Nelly Giroud


  • Technical / Scientific : WP6, WP6.5 : Oxygen Depleted Air Evaluation (ODA)


  1. WO2012172194A1, Liquid electrolyte for a lithium battery containing a quaternary mixture of non aqueous organic solvents, 2012
  2. WO2012059654A1, lithium battery comprising an ionic liquid electrolyte (High temperature lithium ion battery), 2012
  3. WO2012013872A1, Electrode for lithium battery, 2011


  • 2011 : Zodiac Aerospace Development engineer in the field of inerting systems. Generation and distribution of inert gas to prevent fuel tank flammability.
  • 2008-2011 : Research engineer in lithium ion battery (Atomic Energy Commission and National Research Center)
  • 2005-2008 : PhD and engineer in electro-chemistry and chemical–physics.


  • Electrochemistry and gas separation