Zodiac Aerospace


ZODIAC AEROSPACE, world leader in aerospace equipment and systems for commercial, regional and business aircraft, as well as helicopters and space applications, is involved in the HYCARUS project through its companies ZODIAC AEROTECHNICS, ZODIAC AEROELECTRIC, ZODIAC GALLEYS EUROPE and ZODIAC CABIN CONTROLS.

ZODIAC AEROTECHNICS through its entity Zodiac Sensing and System Management has a proven expertise in control and monitoring of complex on-board electronic and electrical systems (A380, A350, B787, 7X, electrical distribution systems). It provides equipment and software products up to DAL A methodology requirements. Through its entity Zodiac Fuel & Inerting system, ZODIAC AEROTECHNICS is also a leader in the provision of complete fuel systems and in-flight and on-ground refueling equipment. ZODIAC AEROTECHNICS through its entity Zodiac OXYgen (ZOXY) has also a well-established and proven expertise in regulation, storage and distribution of gaseous oxygen. ZOXY reflects its teams’ spirit of innovation in its unique range of oxygen systems and equipment for civil and military aircraft worldwide. It plays a part in all major aerospace programs. Pursuant to its strongly innovative profile, ZOXY has decided to build on this long lasting experience and become a key industrial player in the emerging Fuel Cell technology. ZOXY has therefore set up a dedicated team of engineers, with specific expertise in the following fields:

  • Fuel Cell design and operation,
  • Fuel Cell System design and operation
  • Gas (Hydrogen, Air, Oxygen) management (storage, distribution and regulation)
  • Thermal management (distribution and regulation)
  • Fuel cell system modelling
  • System control and monitoring
  • Fuel cell and related equipment testing


ZODIAC GALLEYS EUROPE (ZGEU) is specialized in designing, manufacturing, and marketing high quality galleys. ZGEU serves virtually all the world’s airlines. It has realized sound world market leadership by providing its customers products and services of the highest quality. ZGEU has offices in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

ZODIAC CABIN CONTROLS (ZCC) is the centre of excellence for the development and manufacture of cabin electronics. A significant part of Zodiac Cabin & Controls’ activities is focused on electronics development for Monogram Systems, the global market leader in the delivery and integration of complete water and waste systems for the aircraft industry. ZCC is deeply involved in activities lead by the BDLI, such as the definition of the Cabin Vision 2030 and is participating in and leading R&T projects as part of the federally-funded research projects.

ZODIAC AEROELECTRIC (ZEL) has a proven expertise in electrical power distribution (primary and secondary). ZEL is completed by the know-how of Innovative Power Solution, which manufactures electrical generators and converters. Its expertise is recognized by the leading aircrafts manufacturers in various fields (commercial and regional aircraft, business aircraft, helicopters).